The Soft of Her Palm opened at the Finborough Theatre in October 2012.

Presented by Franklin Productions Ltd in association with Ground Rush and Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre


Simon Bubb

Tilly Gaunt

Siubhan Harrison

Abigail Cole Jarvie

Carmelina Meoli

Sean Murray

Production Team

Direction: Ola Ince

Design: Daniel Harvey

Lighting: Elliot Griggs

Sound: Max Pappenheim

Movement: Jenny Ogilvie

Fight Direction: Kevin McCurdy

“This disturbingly intense and thought-provoking 80 minute play.” Ian Foster, The Public Reviews

“Please don’t miss this intriguing new play” Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre

“A powerful piece of drama, which resonates long after you leave the theatre... Disturbing conviction – I was genuinely shocked and jolted.” Everything Theatre

“It is confrontational, deliberately so, and it is impossible not be gripped by the drama unfolding before you. It is particularly exciting to find a script in which the female lead is not predictable. Sarah’s character is daring and provocative whilst remaining credible and believable.” Everything Theatre

“Its high quality delivery, its confrontational themes, and its unexpected twists and turns leave the audience with lots to digest. This is really worth seeing.” Everything Theatre

“Chris Dunkley has certainly captured something tangibly believable in this script that tells the tale of a couple’s fast paced and volatile relationship.” Everything Theatre

“Tilly Gaunt conveys the fear, insecurities and neuroses of the delicate Sarah.” Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre

“Tilly Gaunt is brilliant. She is adorable but poison all at the same time. Her monologue mid way through the piece is beautifully delivered and her performance captures the raging bipolar tendencies of the character superbly.” Kieran James, The Good Review

“Skilfully directed by Ola Ince and with an excellent cast, this intense play discusses the mechanics of physical as well as psychological abuse.” Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre