Photography: Ashleigh Arthur

Photography: Ashleigh Arthur

"Dunkley is a writer with a gift for combining powerfully intimate stories with a wider social context. Sharply observed dialogue captures a visceral sense of how disaffected this world is – Kirsty Besterman is blistering as Bethan, the very epitome of parental dysfunction as she invites her feckless ex over, ostensibly to reconnect his sons but really just to have a quickie in the flat – and as the dynamics of the family shift with desperation and darkness creeping in from all sides, there’s a pungently compelling depiction of the seemingly inescapable trap that social, economic and cultural deprivation creates."

"This play is not only socially significant, but it is also a pure joy to watch. Its quick wit and astounding cast will make you want to talk about it for days after."

 "A fantastic script and a very talented cast. See this play with people who love a good discussion, as The Precariat will leave you turning the subject matter over and over again in your head. It's brilliant, well-acted, and (tragically) true to life. Young, old, rich, poor - it doesn't matter - this will absolutely strike a nerve in you. Don't miss it."

"With an exceptionally adept cast and a plot that tackles issues regarding society, class and youth, The Precariat is... an excellent play with a profound message."

"Sparks fly through Chris Dunkley’s script almost as furiously as in the 2011 London riots which surround the action"

"It is a frighteningly real picture of disaffected youth and economic and cultural deprivation."

"An important production."