From 18th Feb to 9th March 2014.

Directed by Patrick Sandford

Cast: Chris New & Matti Houghton

Photograph: Mike Eddowes

Photograph: Mike Eddowes

"In Patrick Sandford’s intense production the performances are excellent." Evening Standard

"HighTide has a canny eye for new writing talent, and it’s easy to see why Dunkley’s script appealed" Timeout

"Smallholding is acted with ferocious commitment & feeling by Chris New & Matti Houghton. Unnerving, bruising & gripping." Mark Shenton

"The writing of the central relationship is beautifully done – full of naturalistic low-key humour and the tender moments that characterise the thrill of moving to a new home. Matti Houghton turns in an exceptional performance as Jen, whose patient tolerance and hopeful pragmatism is a delight to behold whereas Chris New’s Andy is the one initially struggling more, unable to really focus and direct his energies now that sobriety is his friend. They’re great together, so the way the vicious spiral drags down their dreams really is quite devastating to watch. Brutal but brilliant stuff." There Ought To Be Clowns

"[Smallholding] is of note for how wrong things go, and the skill with which Dunkley handles the descent. Dunkley and director Patrick Sandford pace the piece masterfully, and Dunkley has a gift for gradually introducing information that ups the drama and the heartbreak." Quadrapheme

"Witnessing the descent of Smallholding’s two characters is deeply affecting" The Stage

"New and Houghton find a wealth of intricacies in their troubled protagonists" Exeunt

"An intimate and uncomfortable, but powerful play" Partially Obstructed View

"Dunkley's powerful new play... keeps you riveted and moved to the end." Bargain Theatreland